Quoted at time of booking.


Hourly rates applicable unless negotiated otherwise for ongoing bookings.

Travel time:

Talent’s hourly rate or a negotiated travel rate per km will be charged when travel exceeds a radius of 25km outside the GPO.

Weather checks:

1st cancellation – No fee. 2nd cancellation – Half fee. 3rd cancellation – Full fee. Full fee applies if initial model is not rebooked.

Cancellations / Holds:

24 hours notice must be given during office hours being 9am-5pm, otherwise a full fee will be incurred. Holds on models need to be confirmed one working day prior to booking.


If a shoot is postponed within 24 hours of the booking then 75% of the rate will be charged, should the job not be re-booked then a full cancellation fee is applicable.


Product packages, posters, swing tickets, print, press, billboards, websites, outdoor usage, social, point of sale material and any other material will carry an additional fee which is to be negotiated at the time of the booking. In addition, loadings will be incurred for usage other than stated at the time of the booking.


$67.00 per hour


$75.00 per hour


TV Commercials (TVC’s) and Stills are to be negotiated at the time of the booking and are quoted for up to a 12 month period only, with the opportunity to roll over. A contract for all TVC’s must be completed by the client and agency prior to the commencement of the booking.


Negotiated at time of the booking.

Provisional Bookings:

If an option is not exercised to release or confirm a provisional booking, the agency has the right to cancel the booking, allowing other secondary or definite bookings to take precedence.

Booking Confirmation:

A booking confirmation released from Epic Talent must be signed and returned before talent commence work – this can only be superseded by a production/casting companies deal memo.


10% of the talents fee is charged in addition when the rate is over $450.00.

Agency Fee:

15% Agency Service Fee (ASF) applies on invoices. Please note that 10% GST will only be applied to the Agency Service Fee. As the end user of talent, it is required that tax be withheld at the rate of 20% in most cases, and that where payment to the talent is more than $450 per month, a superannuation surcharge of 9.5% applies, and must be paid into a complying supperannuation fund. It is legally permissible that Epic does this on your behalf; a service we are happy to provide upon payment of the Agency Service Fee. 


STRICTLY 14 DAYS – Your adherence to our terms will ensure that talent receive their wages promptly. We thank you for your consideration.


Talent are responsible for their own insurance, Epic is not responsible for individual’s insurance, public liability insurance is held by most of our clients, if in doubt then please check with Epic prior to accepting a booking.


Talent provide authorisation for Epic to use all images for marketing purposes.

Talent Conditions:

Refer to your welcome pack provided to you at your first meeting for all further information in relation to being represented by Epic Talent Management.